A Novel Way to Improve Quality and Cost of Care
with Fast, Intuitive and Accurate Coding

Think patients,
Not numbers.

Logo without text A lightning fast tool for ICD-10 coding

Image product
  • State of the art display with intelligent workflows
  • Optimal cognitive assimilation techniques in coding dashboards
  • In your pocket or at your practice; designed for tablet and desktop
  • Data display and level of information corresponds with clinical roles and domains.

For Doctors

The Art of Medicine is practiced by doctors, not providers. No need to learn ICD-10 or memorize codes. Fluid interface that updates based on selection of specialty.

For Coders

The GPS of ICD-10. Speak the same language as clinicians, no training required. Custom coding rules for your workflows. Faster, more accurate coding. Dramatically increase productivity and revenue.

For Health Insurance

Complete, accurate, consistent data. Detailed coding for predictive analytics. Intelligent coding lists. Individualized patient descriptions.